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Patient Testimonials

"I am a breast cancer survivor. I am so humble and grateful to God and a number of people who were instrumental in my cancer treatment and recovery. When I first found out that I had cancer it felt like my world had caved in. I latched onto those around me but later found out that I had to rely on my own strength, as well as my faith and trust in God. I thought everyone would be positive, uplifting and give me strength, however, some instead were negative, draining and placed more stress on my mind. I bring this up because when you are diagnosed and starting treatment, it is so important to surround yourself with people who will give you positive energy.

When I first went to Potomac Radiation Oncology Center and was introduced to Dr. Boylan and the medical team, they assured me that everything would be all right. Initially, I was so nervous, however; their positive energy and reassurance got me through. Dr. Boylan is a wonderful, kind and patient doctor. She and the staff always brightened my day each time I went for my radiation treatment. I would like to give a special thank you to Dr. Boylan, Mary Sue, Mary Kay, Hie Ji and Debra."

Johnnie W.


"Everyone is treated with dignity and respect at Potomac Radiation Oncology Center. Potomac Radiation Oncology Center is a place where people are welcomed with a smile and compassion. When you enter PROC you realize that cancer does not define you. I never felt that I was alone on this journey. The highlight of my entire week is being greeted by Chloe, The Therapy Dog. Chloe is a joy to so many people. She has helped scores of people going through treatment by her unconditional love. After treatment, many people continue to stop by just to see Chloe. She provides an opportunity to focus on hope, life, laughter and love. Thanks Dr. Boylan for sharing Chloe with all of us!"

Susan S.


"Dr. Boylan is so personable. The entire team at Potomac Radiation Oncology Center makes you feel like you are the only patient they have. They make you feel like you matter and give you hope and a reason to fight."

Gary M.



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